Ramona du Houx illustrates ABC book in four languages

The article in Maine Insights: A Maine vibrant watercolor ABC book in four languages under one cover

By Morgan Rogers

Vibrant watercolor illustrations of a Maine island Labrador puppy bring smiles to kids learning new words

Finally, there is a children’s ABC book with watercolors of Maine in four languages!

Clipper, the adorable Maine Island Labrador puppy, takes children into his world, while teaching them their ABC’s, and new words in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. One painting leads into the next, as children follow bubbles throughout the book. This unique concept gives children continuity, as they discover other languages.

With Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese children and adults fall in love with the puppy in the different circumstances the artist, Ramona du Houx, depicts him in. Some are humorous, some serious. Children eagerly try to pronounce the different words, as if Clipper has given them the courage to do so.

“I love seeing the eyes of children light up as the turn the pages in Clipper and try to pronounce new words, and their parents beam with pleasure,” said Ramona. “So many great childhood memories begin with great children’s book characters.”

Inspired by the visual splendor of the natural world and by children discovering it, Ramona du Houx has painted five picture books. Ramona’s photographic art has been exhibited worldwide since 1980. For the past sixteen years she has worked as a journalist, artist, professional writer and photographer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 4.20.32 PM

Vibrant watercolor paintings of iconic Maine locations and objects, highlighted for children by a lovable Labrador puppy, Clipper, can help foster a lifelong appreciation of art and hopefully inspire young artists. Studies show early childhood exposure to the arts helps to calm children and encourages their imaginations.

This is the only ABC book published in four languages under one cover.

According to the 2000 census, 25 percent of Maine’s population are of Franco-American descent, but there are no ABC children’s books in French with paintings of their state. Spanish is soon to become North America’s second language, but few know the basics of Spanish in Maine. We live in a global community; the earlier children are exposed to different languages, like Japanese, the more perspective they will have.

The ABC book is the second in a series of 5 books. Clipper is a sweet puppy who loves to get into mischief. Through his adventures on a Maine island we all “grow up” with this adorable puppy as he warms our hearts and souls. For more information please see: http://www.maineislandpuppyclipper.com

“Clipper learns his ABCs in four languages, as best a puppy can, with Marie, Zachary and his new little kitten, Puff, delighting in each word learned,” said Anita du Laguna Haviland, the creator of Clipper.

With the availability of the Internet it is easy for adults to find out how to pronounce the various words, if they don’t know some, in Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese.


Also available is a 18 x 24 poster of Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese that can be framed for any child’s room for $18 plus shipping and handling of $4. The poster is free for schools or bookstores. Framed in oak the cost is $32 for the framed print plus shipping.

Clipper’s ABC’s is published by Polar Bear & Company, 8 Brook Street, P.O. Box 311, Solon, Maine. The book retails at $17.95. ISBN: 9781882190294

Watercolor painting illustrations copyright © 2014 by Ramona du Houx. Clipper copyright © by Anita de Laguna Haviland. All rights reserved.

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