Your vote today in Maine could win a grant to bring books to children

CLICK HERE & WRITE-IN: Solon Center for Research and Publishing- to help us win a $5,000 grant!

Bangor Savings Bank has just launched its Community Matters More campaign and we need your help! A total of 68 grants will be awarded to the organizations listed on the ballot and to the top 20 write-in vote recipients.

The organizations to get the most votes in each region (including write-ins) will receive $5,000 each. The remaining 60 organizations will receive $1,000 each.

How to Vote for The Solon Center for Research and Publishing:

We want to give Maine’s libraries and elementary schools a copy of Clipper’s ABC’s in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. We live in a global community; the earlier children are exposed to different languages, like Japanese, the more perspective they will have. We have permission from the publisher, writer and artist to reprint and distribute the book to all Maine’s elementary schools and libraries.

The Solon Center for Research and Publishing is a 501(c)3- non-profit organization established to encourage the growth of Maine’s communities through educational, literary, scientific and artistic means.

Through our projects we endeavor to help energize the state’s creative economy which in turn can grow jobs and the quality of life for everyone who lives in Maine. Currently we are working with locally based organizations to bring some of our publishing projects to all Maine communities.

Take a moment to cast your vote for Solon Center for Research and Publishing by writing us in under Somerset in the Other box.

How to Vote:
-Must be a Maine resident
-Vote for up to 3 Maine nonprofits from any of the lists or select “other” and enter an eligible nonprofit.
-One ballot or online entry per person.
-Ballots with votes for more than 3 organizations are invalid.
-Voting ends February 28, 2015.

Vote on-line TODAY!

CLICK HERE & WRITE-IN: Solon Center for Research and Publishing- to help us win a $5,000 grant!

Ramona du Houx exhibits lightgraphs at Berry’s in Waterville, Maine

By Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights

The inside gallery at Berry’s, 153 Main St, downtown Waterville, features the artwork, Ramona du Houx, until December 30, 2014.

Ramona du Houx creates fine art photography that looks like watercolor paintings evoking mystery and a sense of wonder. Many find them nostalgic and some mystical.

Ramona is currently represented by Gallery Storks of Tokyo, Japan and is also a member of the Maine Artist Collaborative where she exhibits regularly at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine.

Kennebec Eagle

Kennebec Eagle

“For me art reflects where we live in our communities, as well as where an artist is in their heart, mind and soul,” said Ramona. “In 1979 I began to paint with my camera to depict the interconnectedness of nature. I took the initial results to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where they recorded them long ago. The continuing results have been unpredictable, intriguing, and thought provoking.”

The watercolor technique is always a challenge.

“I never know exactly what the results will be, that’s the exciting part of the creation,” said du Houx. “I believe every photograph has an audience, someone the work will speak to personally.”

Dream Sail

Dream Sail

Berry’s show space offers local artists a friendly venue to exhibit their work and a way to continue to grow Waterville’s creative economy. With Colby College’s new museum, and Common Street Arts, Waterville is gaining attention as a place to visit for art.

Berry’s is open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am – 5:00pm. And Saturday from 9:00-3.00pm. And until Christmas they are open on Sundays. For the full article please go here.

du Houx limited edition signed prints

arrow222I try to bring the beauty, magic and mystery of nature to viewers by amplifying nature’s essence.

Scientists, innovators, and inventors throughout history took the time to observe nature and her connective rhythms. But now society plugs us into the Internet, and while that can open doors, sometimes too much of being Internet-connected disconnects us from the mysteries of the natural world that are transformational. I want to help show how nature’s interconnectedness can lead us to discoveries about our world and ourselves.

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Sometimes when people look deeply into these images, they relax and find a tranquil place in the soul, as one would by taking time to be at peace in nature. At other times, the photographs can refresh, excite, and energize one’s soul, as if one were standing by a waterfall. The images have been said to be dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, inspiring and thought provoking.

My technique uses movement to create a sense of wonder through colors, textures, memories, and the seasons. Everything within the viewfinder becomes visibly interconnected when objects merge with the motion of the camera as the image, the “lightgraph,” is taken.

Putting the images into categories was extremely challenging as everything is interconnected. Please enjoy the work and check back for more additions regularly added. All images are limited editions for sale and represent over 35 years of work.

TO VIEW: Please click on the thumbnail below to see a larger version of the art work.


Nature reveals herself


There are no boundaries in nature, with everyone and everything interconnected. Where a river stops cannot be defined, nor can the end of the sky. In my lightgraphs no objects have clearly defined borders as they merge their core essences together creating visual abstracts of light.

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