Portland Gallery exhibits du Houx photos through Jan 27th

Lilly Bells

Lilly Bells

“Lilly Bells” by Ramona du Houx

This article, Miniatures exhibit at Portland gallery through Jan. 27, appeared in the Sun Journal
Encore | Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Constellation Gallery’s call for art a success; leads to biggest exhibit ever—meet the artists during this Friday Art Walk with art from all across Maine

PORTLAND — The Constellation Gallery’s, home of the Maine Artist Collective, call for art received entrees from all over Maine. As a result, MAC’s Miniatures exhibit is the collective’s largest exhibit ever, with over 110 original works. The show runs until Jan. 27. All the work measures 11 x 14 inches or smaller, including the frames used.

With art from all across Maine in the “Miniatures” exhibit, MAC will celebrate in conjunction with Portland’s Thursday, Dec. 11, Merry Madness, and a special Saturday opening, Saturday, Dec. 20. Continue reading

Sun Journal reports on Tokyo and Portland du Houx exhibits

Maine artist concurrently exhibiting in Tokyo and Portland The article from the Sun Journal, Thursday, May 8, 2014

Transformation Flight

Transformation Flight

PORTLAND — Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, is concurrently exhibiting Maine photos in Tokyo, Japan from May 7-19 and at the Constellation Gallery, in Portland for the month of May.

A sloop, “Maine Sails,” photographed by du Houx off Belfast, merges into its surroundings showing how it’s geometry is reflected in nature. Du Houx’s photographic fine art in the exhibit tells the story of a bird who transforms as the avian experiences the seasons.

“Modern society plugs us into the Internet and that can open doors but sometimes too much of being Internet connected disconnects us from the mysteries of the natural world that can be transformational. I want to show how nature’s interconnectedness can lead us to discoveries about our world and ourselves,” said du Houx. Continue reading

Ramona du Houx part of Dreams exhibit at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine

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Article in Maine Insights:

The Constellation Gallery, home of the Maine Artists Collective, is pleased to announce their Dreams exhibit for June. The exhibit will have works from 14 different artists on display, each with their unique styles and disciplines. From paintings, cabinets of curiosity, photographs, to maps and much more the artists have created 27 works of wonder, mystery and magic.

Anastasia Weigle’s piece, Dreaming Elephants, was chosen for as the Best of Show.

“Elephants have always found their way into my art as objects of reverence or playfulness,” said Anastasia Weigle. “In Dreaming Elephants the elephant is aware of all things at all times—they are divine.”

Weigle has an extensive background in library sciences, archival processes and preservation, and book conservation. Her technical background combines with her artistic insights and skill to always create a cohesive structured body of work, which encourages the viewer to discover a piece of themselves inside her art. She has an instinctive sense of time and place and gives her creations a historic mystic— and nostalgia with a twist. Her work is always thought provoking.

The 27 artistic expressions of dreams on exhibit will stir anyone’s imagination. Some pieces calm, some excite and all inspire discussions. There is something here for everyone, which makes the exhibition stand out. Many galleries often have solo shows that require the viewer to devote themselves to one artist’s vision. The Constellation Gallery has brought together 14 different visions of dreams. This collaborative approach is key to the mission to Portland’s only non-profit art gallery collective. Continue reading