Maine artist Ramona du Houx exhibits photos of Maine’s season in Miami, Florida at the Red Dot Art Fair

From an article in THE EDGE
MIAMI – Maine artist Ramona du Houx is in a current group exhibition with her Maine photos of seasons in Miami, Florida Dec. 3 – 8 at the Red Dot Art Fair.

“It’s a wonderful chance to showcase Maine’s seasons the way I see and feel them,” said du Houx. “It should give folks in Florida a taste of Maine some may miss.”

Du Houx is represented by the art’s district Gallery Storks of Tokyo,, which exhibited her work in a solo show in February of 2012. Du Houx sold a copy of her photograph, “Whisper Song,” in the October Affordable Art Fair in New York City, where 50 galleries were represented.

“Ramona’s work is unique and captures emotion that stirs the soul. It’s timeless,” said Takafumi Suzuki, Storks Gallery Owner. “It’s a privilege to represent her.” Continue reading