Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, exhibits in Miami to help community grow trees

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The following article appeared in Maine Insights by Morgan Rogers.

Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, is in a current group exhibition with her Maine photos of seasons in Miami, Florida from December 3 – December 8th at the Red Dot Art Fair.

“It’s a wonderful chance to showcase Maine’s seasons the way I see and feel them,” said Ramona. “It should give folks in Florida a taste of Maine, some may miss and it’s a fantastic cause.”

Du houx is represented by the art’s district Gallery Storks of Tokyo, which exhibited her work in a solo show in February of 2012. Du Houx sold a copy of her photograph, Whisper Song, in the October Affordable Art Fair in New York City, where 50 galleries were represented.

“Ramona’s work is unique and captures emotion that stirs the soul. It’s timeless,” said Takafumi Suzuki, Storks Gallery Owner. “It’s a privilege to represent her.”

Ramona du Houx has been taking photographs since she was twelve. Inspired by images she saw in National Geographic and the original Life magazine, she decided to make a difference with her life with photography. Currently she takes photos commercially and for Maine Insights, a statewide news magazine.

In 1979 she developed a technique, called Lightgraphs, which shows motion and energy in a unique way. It became her way of painting with the camera. Some of these fine art photographs resemble impressionistic art works and have been exhibited in New York, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland and Maine.

“Some Native American’s say everything is a part of everything else. At times we can sense that reality, like when the sun wraps around objects late in the day and breezes gently move tree leaves, grain and clouds in landscapes,” said du Houx. “I wanted show how everything is interconnected, to capture that stillness that also combines a rush of energy, with my photography. To covey this energy and balance I use a slow shutter speed while constantly moving the camera.”

Ramona has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. She traveled the world with her camera, fascinated by people, politics and everyday community life. In 1991 she fell in love with Maine and settled in Solon.

“For this set of four images I focused on the character of each season. The seasons are constant, yet they are never the same. From year to year they are nature’s balanced dance of change. Merging with nature’s dance rhythms is an integral part to our existence,” said du Houx about the current exhibition. “I wanted to capture the elemental balance of the seasons in motion to help us reconnect with nature’s dance of change so I danced with the patterns of nature I saw within each season when I took the images.”

The du Houx images on exhibit are

Saturn Center- the comfort of fall – Fire and Water- represents winter

Essence- is spring and Whisper Song- the summer

The Red Dot Art Fair takes place in the Wynwood Art District in Miami. Red Dot will offer a selection of approximately 60 galleries exhibiting painting, sculpture, photography and fine-art objects.

The opening reception on Tuesday, December 3rd, will benefit Million Trees Miami. Million Trees Miami Campaign is a Community-wide effort to plant 1 million trees by 2020 in order to achieve a 30 percent tree canopy cover for Miami-Dade county. Million Trees Miami has partnered with the Miami-Dade Parks Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to preserve parks and green space. Red Dot and all the exhibitors support the cause.

Ramona du Houx’s website has more examples of her stunning photos.

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