New website/blog to highlight Maine artists and writers

The following article appeared in Maine Insights by Morgan Rogers

In order to highlight artists and writers with Maine connections Ramona du Houx has created a new website/blog, INSIGHTS. For many creative people in the state finding a way to gain more exposure to a wider audience is still dependent upon being able to garner the attention of the media.

INSIGHTS lets the public know more about these artists and writers and how they can obtain unique works of these artisans and writers, when their exhibits will be held and how to contact them.

“There are so many artists and writers in Maine that don’t receive the attention they should have. INSIGHTS is a media website that will showcase the talent we have here,” said du Houx. “I will be adding more artists and writers to the site over time to build an online community where we can work together to promote and discuss our work. If anyone is interested they should contact me.”

In addition INSIGHTS will offer professional services in public relations, writing, photography, website designs and book cover designs.

For the past eight years du Houx has been writing, editing and running all aspects of Maine Insights magazine. From interviewing Governor John Baldacci to local companies and grass roots movements du Houx knows Maine. Her experiences have given her a skill set that is ideal for public relations work.

Prior to establishing a newsmagazine Ramona was a ghost writer, professional commercial photographer and fine art photographer living in England, Ireland, Japan, New York City and Puerto Rico.

In her 30 year career as a photographer du Houx has had the privilege of capturing the excitement and atmosphere surrounding the events. Here is a small sample of du Houx’s commercial photography. For more please click here.

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