Ice storm beauty merges with the snow in a dance with photo by Ramona du Houx

Snow Dance

Snow Dance

The wonders of winter in Maine are boundless. It truly is a place where you can feel all the seasons and participate in their magical offerings year round. Sometimes, transitioning from season to season we get mixed precipitation as the weather collides and then merges creating spectacles for us to marvel in.

In the autumn of 2013 after the leaves had floated to earth, and the harvest moon said goodnight it began to rain. But as it came down the rain took hold of a upper atmospheric change and snow began to fall. Back and forth the weather played between the seasons and over the course of a week everything outside was coated in ice. When the sun finally greeted the day the ice danced in its beams of light.

The crystals sounded like wind chimes as tree branches sighed. This magical ice palace of nature’s backyard was inspiring. As I swayed with the branches trying to free themselves of their ice coats I wondered how on earth trees go through such dramatic changes. I took my photos grateful to be able to witness nature’s moods and her dance of the season’s transitions.

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