Hillary Clinton in Maine

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Article and photos by Ramona du Houx

“We can raise incomes again — because that is the single most important issue we face. People have to feel that their work has been rewarded. Prosperity has to be broadly shared,” said Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for the Democratic nomination in the 2016 presidential race during a campaign town-hall style event in Portland, Maine.

The King Middle-School event of 400 supporters had an overflow of participants who watched on monitors in an adjoining room. Those who stood in line by 2pm, for the 4pm event, sat comfortably in a semi-circle surrounding Clinton as she outlined her comprehensive agenda— that mainly focused on incomes and job growth for the middleclass and low-income earners.

She said the way in which to achieve that growth is with Democrats, “Our country does better, our economy does better when there is a Democrat in the White House… They (Republicans) want to return to the failed politics of trickle-down economics. They want to make it easier for the super rich, and corporations to have their way. That didn’t work for America before…” Read the entire article in Maine Insights HERE.

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