Article on Harlow Gallery exhibit with Obama photos in 2008

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Portraits of Barack Obama by Ramona du Houx at the Harlow

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Now on view in the window gallery at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell, is a limited edition series of photographs of President Elect Barack Obama created by Ramona du Houx of Solon. Du Houx calls these images “Lightgraphs”, and they will remain on view through February 8th.

Ramona du Houx attended the Democratic Party’s National Convention in Denver as a photographer for the College Democrats of America. There she took the opportunity to photograph the newly nominated democratic candidate for president during his famous speech at the Mile High stadium. While other photographers were using high speeds to ensure no blurs du Houx did the opposite.

“Most of the press crew thought I was nuts, until I explained that I was creating a photo that would look like a painting,” said du Houx. Continue reading