Trees painted with a camera by Ramona du Houx

Every month Ramona hosts an exhibit in Solon and here on line. For February the exhibit is The Magic of Trees.

Stability, strength, integrity: words we use to describe trees. From our most ancient texts trees have become symbols for people to find strength in.

How they reflect human nature, throughout the seasons, inspires me. Painting with the camera depicts their resiliency while commotion surrounds them. They remain more defined in the photographs while their surroundings have a swept away look. For me that reflects the strength of the human spirit.

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Du houx show at Berry’s continues until February

Dream Sail

Dream Sail

From an article in Union of Maine Visual Artists Magazine:

The inside gallery at Berry’s, 153 Main St, downtown Waterville, features the artwork of Ramona du Houx. Due to popular demand the show, which started in December, continues throughout January.

Ramona du Houx creates fine art photography that looks like watercolor paintings evoking mystery and a sense of wonder. Some find them nostalgic and some mystical. Many have said the images have a healing nature. See more at

Ramona is currently represented by Gallery Storks of Tokyo, Japan and is also a member of the Maine Artist Collaborative and the Harlow Gallery. She currently has another exhibit until the end of the month at the Constellation Gallery, 511 Congress Street, in Portland, Maine.

“For me art reflects where we live in our communities, as well as where an artist is in their heart, mind and soul,” said Ramona. “In 1979 I began to paint with my camera to depict the interconnectedness of nature. I took the initial results to the Museum of Modern Art in New York, where they recorded them long ago. The continuing results have been unpredictable, intriguing, and thought provoking.” Continue reading

The Zen peace of Maine’s Western Mountains depicted in Ramona du Houx’s images

Western Mts.

Western Mts.

If you haven’t been to Central Maine, you are missing out on some of the most majestic and peaceful mountains anywhere. They remind me of the mythologies about giant dragons sleeping in fields thus transforming them into hills and mountain ranges. Their backs form the mountains. The long tails of these majestic beasts stretch throughout Maine up into Canada. They are, of course, part of the Appalachian Trail system. As their bodies sleep in mountain ranges, their spirits roam the night sky in constellations. Continue reading

Wild lilies are Earth Bound Angels in the story behind Ramona du Houx’s photo

Eathbound Angels

Eathbound Angels

For many photographers telling one’s F-stop, speed and lighting conditions is how they portray their story of an image they managed to record. That, indeed, is the technical side but for me the true story about the atmosphere one’s senses pick up of the day tells much more. The weather also plays the most dramatic of all roles. Inspired by the Impressionistic and Modern artists, when I take a photo I approach it as if I was doing a watercolor on rice paper, for watercolor artists can not redo their paintings. As a photographer I need a level of risk- the risk of never knowing if your timing is in sync with nature’s.

On one of the most wonderful summer days, which are now seeing me through the winter, I ventured to the Kennebec River for a walk and swim. The foliage on the riverbank was full, berries weighed down branches, milkweeds were poised to pop open. I put my toe into the water… not exactly tropical. Still, summer comes but once a year. Slowly, I took the plunge and much to my surprise found it refreshing, the day’s trials and tribulations melted from my mind as I took on the current swimming upstream. Drying off on a rock in the sun I was at peace once more.

The extremes of temperatures from the refreshing river to the baking rock steered my soul as I journeyed home. I was energized. As I rounded a bend I caught sight of a wild lily. I wondered how I managed to miss the exquisite bells on my walk to the water’s edge. The flower’s caught the sun and appeared transparent against the river’s back. So fragile, yet so strong. So vibrant yet so cold, like my swim. The wind gently swirled off the water. I moved my camera with the same direction as the wind’s song and took a series of images.

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The story behind du Houx’s art photo: Oak Maine

Oak Maine

Oak Maine

On a brilliant summer’s day in the late afternoon I went for a walk along the banks of the Kennebec River. The crystal waters beckoned me in and soon I found myself swimming upstream. Drying off on a rock I petted a vein that had quartz running through it. As I closed my eyes I let the sun bathe me, knowing one day six months from now I’d sit in the window and close my eyes letting the sun warm me when the temperatures outside would turn me into an ice sculpture.

Nature has a tremendous power to heal, to put our minds at ease and transform the mundane into the magical.

Picking up my camera I ambled up the ole railroad trail, content. Continue reading

Ramona du Houx’s exhibit at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine

By Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights

Throughout May, Ramona is exhibiting eleven fine art works conveying the harmony and energy of Maine, at the Constellation Gallery at 511 Congress Street in Portland, Maine. Ramona is a member of this unique Maine Cooperative. Some of these fine art photographs resemble watercolors and have been exhibited in New York, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, Florida and Maine.

Maine Sail

Maine Sail

Continue reading

Find Ramona du Houx’s lightgraph photo you are looking for

Nature is complex yet incredibly logical. In order for science to understand this complexity and to discover more about the natural world they developed categories, aware that many subjects would overlap.

In order for the artist in me to understand more about my art I needed a way to identify why I am attracted to certain subjects. Creating categories, that too overlap, has enabled me to understand more about my art.

I’ve attempted to display my work with the following categories: Continue reading