The Zen peace of Maine’s Western Mountains depicted in Ramona du Houx’s images

Western Mts.

Western Mts.

If you haven’t been to Central Maine, you are missing out on some of the most majestic and peaceful mountains anywhere. They remind me of the mythologies about giant dragons sleeping in fields thus transforming them into hills and mountain ranges. Their backs form the mountains. The long tails of these majestic beasts stretch throughout Maine up into Canada. They are, of course, part of the Appalachian Trail system. As their bodies sleep in mountain ranges, their spirits roam the night sky in constellations.

Out past Sugarloaf on the Rangley road I pulled over and parked the car. Taking deep breaths and enjoying the sunshine I decided to go for a walk along the lakeshore, seeing the Western Mountains in the distance. The sun was high overhead and the mountains seemed to be sleeping. As the wind picked up, so did the waves. The mountains helped to stabilize my emotions as they sat silently with the wind whirling around. They were so perfectly illuminated and balanced. I imagined they’d be dancing in the stars at night, so on Earth they could dream in the daytime transmitting how expansive nature can be. The sun seemed to whisper to the souls of these gentle giants. I was taken away by the balancing peace as I clicked the shutter.

On another day, as I was looking out over the Kennebec River valley my sleeping giants seemed to roar into life when the weather changed and clouds moved in at a dramatic pace. But it was just the clouds playing as they attempted to wake them. As I witnessed the mountains majesty in just being rooted where they were, I knew they would always be our anchors in this world giving us strength, peace, stability and igniting our sense of wonder.

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Purple Mt. Majesty

Purple Mt. Majesty

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