Ramona du Houx, exhibits at the New York City ArtExpo 2014 and Portland, Maine’s Constellation Gallery, simultaneously

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Article by Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights.

Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, is in a current group exhibition at the New York City ArtExpo 2014 from April 4th to the 6th and at Portland, Maine’s Constellation Gallery.

“Being a part of the ArtExpo While exhibiting in Portland is a great opportunity,” said du Houx. “It’s an honor to become part of Portland’s only Cooperative Gallery.”

The New York City ArtExpo 2014 offers artists chances to exhibit with galleries that represent them worldwide.expo2014

Du houx is currently represented by the art’s district Storks Gallery of Tokyo, which exhibited her work in a solo show in February of 2012, and will have another solo show of Ramona’s work in September of 2014.

“Ramona’s work is unique and captures emotion that stirs the soul. It’s timeless,” said Takafumi Suzuki, Storks Gallery Owner. “It’s a privilege to represent her.”

The du Houx images on exhibit at the New York City ArtExpo 2014 are:

• Fire and Water- represents winter
• Essence- is spring
• Whisper Song- the summer
• Saturn Center- the comfort of fall

“I wanted to capture the elemental balance of the seasons in motion to help us reconnect with nature’s seasonal dance of change,” said du Houx about the New York City ArtExpo.

These seasonal images are also part of her show in Portland, Maine, at the Constellation Gallery on Congress Street. Ramona is a new member of this unique Maine Cooperative of artists and will continue to display her art at the Constellation Gallery for years to come.

Four additional works that are a part of the exhibit in Portland are:

• Discovery- which is about hot summer day’s of childhood
• Beach- which is centered on enjoying Maine’s summertime coast
• Garden- represents the essence of fall’s natural arrangements
• Lips- is the energy and vibrancy of a flower’s “lips”

Ramona chose to be in Maine for this Friday’s Art Walk in Portland instead of being at the New York City Expo.

“I believe in the mission of Maine’s coop art gallery,” said du Houx. “For my first show with the collective I needed to be here, in my community.”

In 1979 Ramona developed a technique, called Lightgraphs, which shows motion and energy in a unique way. It became her way of painting with the camera.

“I mainly want to bring the beauty and mystery of nature to viewers by amplifying nature’s essence. It has been said that some of the images can take someone on a dream like journey and uplift one’s soul with inspiration. That is one of my objectives,” said du Houx.

Some of these fine art photographs resemble watercolors and have been exhibited in New York, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, Florida and Maine.

“Some Native American’s say everything is a part of everything else. At times we can sense that reality, like when the sun wraps around objects late in the day and breezes gently move tree leaves, grain and clouds in landscapes,” said du Houx. “I try to show how everything is interconnected, to capture that stillness that also combines a rush of energy, with my photography.”

Ramona has been a professional photographer for over thirty years. She traveled the world with her camera, fascinated by people, politics and everyday community life. In 1991 she fell in love with Maine and settled in Solon.

The New York City ArtExpo 2014 has been happening for thirty-five years and is a juried show with over 400 exhibiting artists, galleries and publishers from across the globe—all under one roof at Pier 94.

“Each year thousands of art industry insiders flock to Artexpo New York in search of the art and artists that will shape trends in galleries worldwide. Hosting more than 15,000 avid art enthusiasts annually, we’re the largest international gathering of qualified trade buyers—including gallery owners and managers, art dealers, interior designers, architects, corporate art buyers and art & framing retailers,” reads the New York City ArtExpo 2014 website.

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