The Zen peace of Maine’s Western Mountains depicted in Ramona du Houx’s images

Western Mts.

Western Mts.

If you haven’t been to Central Maine, you are missing out on some of the most majestic and peaceful mountains anywhere. They remind me of the mythologies about giant dragons sleeping in fields thus transforming them into hills and mountain ranges. Their backs form the mountains. The long tails of these majestic beasts stretch throughout Maine up into Canada. They are, of course, part of the Appalachian Trail system. As their bodies sleep in mountain ranges, their spirits roam the night sky in constellations. Continue reading

Ramona du Houx part of Dreams exhibit at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine

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Article in Maine Insights:

The Constellation Gallery, home of the Maine Artists Collective, is pleased to announce their Dreams exhibit for June. The exhibit will have works from 14 different artists on display, each with their unique styles and disciplines. From paintings, cabinets of curiosity, photographs, to maps and much more the artists have created 27 works of wonder, mystery and magic.

Anastasia Weigle’s piece, Dreaming Elephants, was chosen for as the Best of Show.

“Elephants have always found their way into my art as objects of reverence or playfulness,” said Anastasia Weigle. “In Dreaming Elephants the elephant is aware of all things at all times—they are divine.”

Weigle has an extensive background in library sciences, archival processes and preservation, and book conservation. Her technical background combines with her artistic insights and skill to always create a cohesive structured body of work, which encourages the viewer to discover a piece of themselves inside her art. She has an instinctive sense of time and place and gives her creations a historic mystic— and nostalgia with a twist. Her work is always thought provoking.

The 27 artistic expressions of dreams on exhibit will stir anyone’s imagination. Some pieces calm, some excite and all inspire discussions. There is something here for everyone, which makes the exhibition stand out. Many galleries often have solo shows that require the viewer to devote themselves to one artist’s vision. The Constellation Gallery has brought together 14 different visions of dreams. This collaborative approach is key to the mission to Portland’s only non-profit art gallery collective. Continue reading

Ramona du Houx’s exhibit at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine

By Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights

Throughout May, Ramona is exhibiting eleven fine art works conveying the harmony and energy of Maine, at the Constellation Gallery at 511 Congress Street in Portland, Maine. Ramona is a member of this unique Maine Cooperative. Some of these fine art photographs resemble watercolors and have been exhibited in New York, Japan, Scotland, England, Ireland, Florida and Maine.

Maine Sail

Maine Sail

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Ramona du Houx exhibits in Tokyo, Japan and Portland, Maine

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By Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights

Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, is in a current group exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, from May 7th to the 19th and at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine, throughout May.

Anat Parnass, Ramona du Houx, Suzanne Mooney and Takafumi Suzuki, are all members of the Creative Artist Group showing at the Tokyo Gallery Storks show entitled: The Beauties & Beast.

Ramona’s photographic fine art in the exhibit tells the story of a bird who transforms as the avian experiences the seasons.“Modern society plugs us into the Internet and that can open doors but sometimes too much of being Internet connected disconnects us from the mysteries of the natural world that can be transformational. I want to show how nature’s interconnectedness can lead us to discoveries about our world and ourselves,” said Ramona du Houx.

In Ramona’s story a bird first sees Lupine’s Dance in spring and wants to uncover more about nature’s mysteries. The young bird awakens to nature’s energy more in the summer, shown in the photo Wake Up. In fall the bird begins a Journey of discovery and in winter the she realizes because of her experiences that all life is interconnected– depicted in Snow Dance. Finally, the bird transforms into energy – in the photo Transformation Flight. Continue reading

Ramona du Houx, exhibits at the New York City ArtExpo 2014 and Portland, Maine’s Constellation Gallery, simultaneously

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Article by Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights.

Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, is in a current group exhibition at the New York City ArtExpo 2014 from April 4th to the 6th and at Portland, Maine’s Constellation Gallery.

“Being a part of the ArtExpo While exhibiting in Portland is a great opportunity,” said du Houx. “It’s an honor to become part of Portland’s only Cooperative Gallery.”

The New York City ArtExpo 2014 offers artists chances to exhibit with galleries that represent them worldwide.expo2014

Du houx is currently represented by the art’s district Storks Gallery of Tokyo, which exhibited her work in a solo show in February of 2012, and will have another solo show of Ramona’s work in September of 2014.

“Ramona’s work is unique and captures emotion that stirs the soul. It’s timeless,” said Takafumi Suzuki, Storks Gallery Owner. “It’s a privilege to represent her.”

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Healing photos of the Twin Towers exhibited by Takafumi Suzuki of Gallery Storks

From the news article in Maine Insights by Morgan Rogers

Takafumi Suzuki is holding a photographic exhibit of his images of the World Trade Center Twin Towers of New York City.

“Now, when I visit New York City there is a void where the Twin Towers once graced the skyline. While the city has put up an inspired memorial and a new World Trade Center to replace the lost towers I still look for those familiar buildings, I still expect to see them,” said Takafumi.

Suzuki is a professor at Nihon University in Tokyo and studied as a graduate student in the 1980’s in New York City. While living in the city he took many photographs. When the devastating tragedy of the 911 terrorists attacks occurred he, as millions of people did, reflected. And he revisited the images he had taken.

Now, to help heal the still open wound he is exhibiting those images in Even now— I miss you! at Gallery Storks in the art district of Tokyo, Japan. Continue reading

Du Houx’s public relations firm, INSIGHTS, great for artists

INSIGHTS can help artists & writers with public relations—

insights logo2There are so many artists and writers in Maine that don’t receive the attention they should have. For many creative people in the state finding a way to gain more exposure to a wider audience is still dependent upon being able to garner the attention of the media.

A new public relations company Insights, can help. The actual concept of having a media relations firm focusing on artists and writers is unique in Maine. Continue reading