Ramona du Houx exhibits photographic story of transformation in Tokyo, Japan

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By Morgan Rogers in Maine Insights

Maine artist, Ramona du Houx, is in a current group exhibition in Tokyo, Japan, from May 7th to the 19th and at the Constellation Gallery in Portland, Maine, throughout May.

Anat Parnass, Ramona du Houx, Suzanne Mooney and Takafumi Suzuki, are all members of the Creative Artist Group showing at the Tokyo Gallery Storks show entitled: The Beauties & Beast.

Ramona’s photographic fine art in the exhibit tells the story of a bird who transforms as the avian experiences the seasons.

“Modern society plugs us into the Internet and that can open doors but sometimes too much of being Internet connected disconnects us from the mysteries of the natural world that can be transformational. I want to show how nature’s interconnectedness can lead us to discoveries about our world and ourselves,” said Ramona du Houx.

In Ramona’s story a bird first sees Lupine’s Dance in spring and wants to uncover more about nature’s mysteries. The young bird awakens to nature’s energy more in the summer, shown in the photo Wake Up. In fall the bird begins a Journey of discovery and in winter the she realizes because of her experiences that all life is interconnected– depicted in Snow Dance. Finally, the bird transforms into energy – in the photo Transformation Flight.

“Throughout history scientists have observed nature to aid them with their inventions. From airplane designs to medicines nature’s inspiration has been the guide. We need to continue to observe nature and protect our natural world for all our futures, ” said du Houx. “I hope my images will make people think more about their connection with nature.”

The title of Takafumi Suzuki’s work is, Human Beings Cannot Live Alone. His images are of a monkey, a moose, clams and a cat. His black and white silver prints take hours of dark room work using the traditional processes.

“We are a part of the nature,” said Takafumi Suzuki about what his images depict. “That’s the message I wish to convey.”

Suzuki is an internationally renowned fine art photographer and professor at Japan University College of Art – Japan’s finest art college.

Storks Gallery of Tokyo, exhibited du Houx’s work in a solo show in February of 2012, and will have another solo show of Ramona’s work in September of 2014. The gallery represents Ramona’s work.

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