Postcards for every occasion of Ramona du Houx’s art

Have you every wanted to send a card that you really felt the art work expressed what you wished to say in words?

Well, here is the chance. Ramona du Houx has printed postcards of three of her favorite flower images. The cards have ample room on the back for you to write whatever you please, directly to whom you wish to send the message to. (Of course the 6 x 4 postcards do not have her name printed of the front- that’s only for the internet copywrite.)

With the price of cards and postage always going up, a particle postcard, which can be later matted and framed as art, is a great alternative.

Purchase a package of 12 postcards – three of each image – for only $12, which includes shipping and handling.

Payment can be made to paypal using the account or please send a check or money order to Ramona du Houx, Photography, P.O. Box 311, Solon, Maine, 04979.

Any different number combinations of the images can be made. For example if you would like 12 of one image alone or six of two images- all combinations are welcomed. Just email Thank you and enjoy!

Lilly Bells

Lilly Bells





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