An Independence Day story of Ramona du Houx’s Summer Stroll and how water became fire

Summer Stroll

Summer Stroll

Portland, Maine is just a marvelous city to walk around in, with miles of paths for bikes, walkers, runners. With the ocean lapping against the shore, parks, and trees still reaching higher than some buildings nature has been embraced and identified as a part of what makes this small city great. Most of the architecture dates back to the 1800’s and there is even an observatory on Monjoy Hill that was built by merchants to literally watch their “ships come in” –to port. It’s the only one of its kind left in the Americas.

I’d come to town for the Forth of July and was geared up to take, of course, the fireworks. But I was looking for something different, something to define the sense of liberty all around me. I decided to take a stroll on the Eastern Promenade. . Smiles abounded, kids played hide and seek around bushes and trees, elderly couples put out their chairs next to lovers camped out on blankets, all choosing perfect locations for them to view the firework display.

Food trucks were lined up with cuisine from the Middle East, Greece, India, Africa, South America and of course the good ole USA. The aromas changed every few steps one took. People were everywhere, and from everywhere. The diversity was great to see. This is what America is meant to be. A path led away from the crowds and I ventured upon it. Trees swayed in the wind ocean breeze and seagulls squawked overhead. There was such an uplifting spirit I pulled out the camera. The result is Summer Stroll.

Later that evening, viewing the wondrous display of fire in the air I looked at Casco Bay and saw the fire in the water with mesmerized viewers on a moored boat. My shutter clicked slowly and Water Fire emerged.

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Water Fire

Water Fire

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