Constellation Gallery is closing but MAC continues and is having a fire sale- NOW

The 6 x 8 gallery panels for sale for only $25- or best offer at the Constellation Gallery

The 6 x 8 gallery panels for sale for only $25- or best offer at the Constellation Gallery

By Ramona du Houx

The Constellation Gallery’s, home of the Maine Artist Collective (MAC), recently held its most successful call for art with the Miniature exhibit, which just ended on January 29th. Five artists sold work and hundreds viewed the show over a two-month period.

But during the month of December the owners of the building hosting the Constellation Gallery announced that the gallery space was under contract to be leased to another tenant. While the Constellation Gallery is closing MAC will continue.

“Right now we are having a fire sale. Everything has to go for us to be moved out on time,” said David Marshall, MAC’s President and Portland City Councilor.

MAC is selling off one of a kind gallery panels measuring 8 x 6 feet. Built out of sheet rock, with a steady base, the panels are great to show art on. The gallery has 20 panels for $25 each- or best offer. If any artists or school has space these are ideal to display work.

There are gallery display racks for $50- or best offer.

Chairs, frames, mats, office equipment, and art all are for sale- please make MAC an offer.

Everything must go by the end of Tuesday, February 3rd. Please call Dave Marshall at 409-6617 or email him at:

The artist collective is planning gallery shows across the state in different locations throughout the summer, autumn and holiday season. MAC’s traveling shows will offer special opportunities to members to exhibit their work in new locations.

MAC will also be announcing a new website/blog HERE that will show the different exhibits online as well as highlight the work of the collective members, and educational opportunities. will debut soon- so stay tuned.

“We had a great five year opportunity at the Constellation Gallery. Now it is time to move forward by taking our shows on the road,” said Marshall. “We’re excited about being able to give our members exposure in cities all across the state. Unfortunately, this unexpected transition has hit us financially and we’d like to remind folks that MAC is a 501c-3, any donations are greatly approached and are tax deductible.”

MAC accepts paypal donations and/or payments at:

The mission of the Maine Artist Collective, a 501(c)-3 non-profit, is to connect the public with Maine artists and support development by providing exhibition space, education, and professional workshops.

The Constellation Gallery located at 511 Congress Street. Please call 409.6617.

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