Nature Reveals herself in Ramona du Houx’s abstract lightgraphs

I try to bring the beauty, magic and mystery of nature to viewers by amplifying nature’s essence.

TO VIEW THE ART: Please click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the work.

There are no boundaries in nature, with everyone and everything interconnected. Where a river stops cannot be defined, nor can the end of the sky. In my “lightgraphs” no objects have clearly defined borders as they merge their core essences together creating visual abstracts of light.

In some cases the images resemble microscopic images, as if the core elements of what is being photographed has emerged to be recorded. It’s my hope that with these elements revealed the viewer has an opportunity to discover something about the natural world representational photographs cannot convey as nature reveals herself.

I’m represented by Gallery Storks in Tokyo, Japan and Gallery Insights of Solon, Maine. And a member of the Maine Artist Collective which exhibits regularly.

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