Maine artist Ramona du Houx in Tokyo exhibit the book called Transformations to follow

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Article in Maine Insights by Morgan Rogers

Gallery Storks of Tokyo, Japan is pleased to announce Treasures showing the unique work of six artists. The gallery represents each artist.

Ramona du Houx creates fine art photography that looks like watercolor paintings evoking mystery and a sense of wonder. Some find them nostalgic and some mystical.

“Sometimes when people look deeply into these images, they relax and find a tranquil place in the soul, as one would by taking time to be at peace in nature. At other times, the photographs can refresh, excite, and energize one’s soul, as if one were standing by a waterfall. The images have been said to be dreamlike, healing, Zen meditative, and thought provoking,” said Ramona.

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Gallery Storks is also publishing a book of Ramona’s art called, Transformations—Revealing nature’s complex balance. Some of the images in the book are in the Treasures exhibit.

Later this year the gallery will hold an exhibit solely of the work in Transformations when the book is released.

“Scientists, innovators, and inventors throughout history took the time to observe nature and her connective rhythms. But now society plugs us into the Internet, and while that can open doors, sometimes too much of being Internet-connected disconnects us from the mysteries of the natural world that are transformational. I want to help show how nature’s interconnectedness can lead us to discoveries about our world and ourselves,” said du Houx.

Ramona has been “painting with the camera” since 1979, is currently is also a member of the Maine Artist Collective, and the Harlow Gallery.

The photographic watercolor technique is always a challenge.

“I never know exactly what the results will be, that’s the exciting part of the creation,” said du Houx. “I believe every photograph has an audience, someone the work will speak to personally.”

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